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How to Water Air Plants: Misting

In a previous post, I described how to water air plants using a soaking method. Soaking is a great method for plants that are in environments with low humidity or that need a quick pick-me-up.

Another method is to gently mist your plants. Misting is a great way to care for indoor plants in between soakings or air plants that are mounted to displays. It is also a great way to help prevent the brown tips that can start to develop on air plant leaves.

To mist plants, you can purchase a bottle specifically for misting plants. I use an old hair spray bottle that I washed out really well.

Fill the bottle with water and gently spritz the plants. Focus on the leaves and the tips of the leaves, never the base of the plant. You want the trichomes to soak up the water. You do not want the base to hold water drops.

If you are misting plants mounted to a display such as wood, pay attention to water that lands on the mounting material. Wood will soak up water, and you don’t want the base of the plant to be stuck to wet wood.

For indoor plants, I actually like to mist every day if I can, but it does not have to be that frequent. It depends on where your plants are located. If they are under an a/c vent or fan, they may dry more quickly and appreciate more frequent misting.

The video below shows various methods of watering air plants: soaking, gentle misting, and heavy misting.


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