Crochet Cactus


A worry free, artificial cactus secured inside a real terra cotta pot! This crochet cactus has cute flowers and is sure to survive in your home.

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This hand made, crochet cactus will never need water or sun. It is a perfect, worry free plant to brighten up your home.

This cactus lives in a real terra cotta clay pot and is secured in earth colored pebbles. The cactus and flowers are made of yarn. The clay pot measures 3.25 inches in diameter at the top and is 2.75 inches tall.

In the pictures provided, the cactus with earth colored pebbles is available for purchase. The cactus with blue colored pebbles is sold out. If you are interested in a custom cactus, please contact with your request.



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beige pebbles, blue pebbles

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